'Never said no to mainstream movies'

Oct 17, 2011, 08:06 IST | Hiren Kotwani

Chitrangada Singh also insists that signing a film is ultimately her own decision

Chitrangada Singh also insists that signing a film is ultimately her own decision

Although getting married is said to cause a drastic decline in the fan following of an actress, Chitrangada Singh continues to be much sought after in Bollywood.

She attracted as much media attention for signing on and then losing out on Rakesh Roshan's Krrish sequel with Hrithik Roshan as much as she did on disappearing before the release of mentor Sudhir Mishra's Kal Yesterday and Tomorrow. However, she attributes it to a "genuine date problem."

Explaining her departure from the Krrish sequel, Chitrangada says, "Initially, they were planning to start in August, but then the shoot was rescheduled to October-November.

But I had already committed those dates to Sudhirji. I tried adjusting the time, but Rakeshji has foreign crew working with him, on action, VFX and all.

So he had to plan his schedule around the dates of the foreign crew. Eventually, I had to opt out of Krissh sequel."

Point out to her that this could be seen as her preferring the kind of cinema her mentor Sudhir Mishra makes over the mainstream format and she reasons that it's not intentional.

"I've never said I don't want to do mainstream movies," she asserts, adding that Rohit Dhawan approached her with the script of Desi Boyz.

"He said he couldn't think of anyone else in this part and he wanted me to do it. When I heard the story, I liked it and the role my character plays," she says while referring to signing her first commercial movie.

Reacting to reports of her bonding with co-star Akshay Kumar, she says it's essentially because they're paired together.
"Since I had more scenes with him, we ended up spending considerable time together," she concedes, asserting that he was "very encouraging and helpful" in getting her to give reactions suited for commercial cinema.

Looking back, does she think she would have been in a different position professionally, had she not taken the three-plus year break? "I'm somewhat an impulsive person," she admits in all honesty.

She elaborates, "When I did Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi, I wanted to give a shot to acting and movies. After shooting Kal, I wasn't sure I wanted to continue.
I was married and had a family and that was a priority then. After three-four years, when I wanted to return to acting, I was biding my time for the right subject. Onir was the first to contact me (for Sorry Bhai) and he said he had asked around for my new number."

However, she's also quick to state that her husband, golfer Jyoti Randhawa and his family do not influence her choice of roles and films.

On the contrary, they're quite supportive; she beams and adds that they're not biased in their feedback on her performances.
"In fact, they're quite critical. My husband wondered why I wasn't acting in Yeh Saali Zindagi. He felt that I was just being myself in the movie, so there wasn't anything noteworthy about my performance.

While I do discuss work with him and his family, it's entirely my decision to do or not do a movie," she concludes.

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