New Andheri eatery caters specifically to vegetarians

Jun 29, 2014, 07:06 IST | Kareena Gianani

Vedge, Andheri's new vegetarian restaurant, has a pleasant vibe, responsible hosts and good food. The next time a carnivore gives you balderdash about how life without meat is a life not lived, show them the door this door


We heard Andheri has taken up a new challenege an all-new, vegetarian-only restaurant at Fun Republic mall. Vedge aims to be trendy and vegetarian, and break the myth that good food is incomplete without meat.

Chukandar ki Galaouti are made with beetroot, potato amd cheese
Chukandar ki Galaouti are made with beetroot, potato amd cheese

We couldn’t help but hear smug voices of all the carnivores who have wrinkled their noses (sometimes collectively) and told us, “I get that you’re vegetarian, but just how do you it? You’re missing out on so much (pitiful gaze lingers).”

Punjabi Pakodi Kadhi with Barista Pulao
Punjabi Pakodi Kadhi with Barista Pulao

So, we took the challenge head-on, a vegetarian-turned-non-vegetarian in tow. Vedge, we noticed, did have a pleasant, casual vibe. Inside, we notice the long, hanging electric wires ending in light bulbs, which are done to death, but merge well with the restaurant’s warm ambiance.

Vedge, an all-new, vegetarian-only restaurant at Fun Republic Mall, Andheri West
Vedge, an all-new, vegetarian-only restaurant at Fun Republic Mall, Andheri West

Vedge’s menu is planned to ensure that vegetarians get to sample the best of Indian and international dishes which usually rely on meat to enhance flavour, such as the khow suey or galouti kebabs. On offer are flat breads, appetisers, Indian, Oriental and Italian dishes to choose from. The restaurant also offers much in beverages (non-alcoholic) and desserts.

We ordered the Chukandar ki Galaouti (Rs 275), a beautiful-looking dish with beetroot, potato and cheese. The galoutis didn’t exactly dazzle us, but we thought the generous portions with some pomegranate embedded inside was not bad to nibble on. Next up were the Pad Thai Noodles (Rs 325) and a tall glass of Fresh Ginger Iced Tea (Rs 160).

We liked how well the noodles were flavoured, ample vegetables cooked and seasoned well. We did feel the noodles were a tad chewy, but were willing to overlook it, as the dish was as good as it comes. The iced tea was perfect, given that one of us, often sends hers back for extra tea or water with alarming regularity.

As we conjectured about what the strongest point of the restaurant could be, the Punjabi Pakodi Kadhi with Barista Pulao (Rs 295) arrived. This, we thought, was the best dish of the evening in the smooth, creamy kadhi floated still-crisp onion pakodas, which were deliciously complemented with the subtle flavours of the pulao. How we wished we had a non-vegetarian to smirk at just then.

As we ordered desserts, Manglorean Gadbad (Rs 275) and Kulfi Sundae, our server did a double take and informed us that the portions are rather large, and whether we were sure we could have it all “without wasting it”.

We were reminded of those firm signs at some Irani cafes, chiding patrons lest they let food go waste. With sheepish smiles, we ditched the Kulfi Sundae. The Manglorean Gadbad was a tall, overwhelming glass of just about everything you could add in a dessert.

Ice creams of two flavours, strawberry shake, jelly, toppings of nuts, apples and bananas made us dig into it ravenously. Was it worth it? We’d say the greed was well taken care of, but it isn’t something your humble ice creamwalla cannot rustle up if given the chance.

Vedge did deliver what it promised the non-vegetarian among us didn’t miss meat in any of the dishes. The restaurant does need to set itself apart with more remarkable dishes, but with their attention to detail, we don’t think it’s impossible. After Irish House, Firangi Paani, Copper Chimney and the regular coffee chains around, Vedge is a welcome addition to Fun Republic Mall.


Food: Flavoursome 
Service: Well-informed 
Price: Rs 1,800 for two
At: Ground Floor, Fun Republic Mall, Shah Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri West
Call: 61668906

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