New app lets you carry your wallet in your phone

Sep 11, 2014, 08:45 IST | Hassan M Kamal

QuikWallet, is a new digital wallet app that aims to replace your credit/debit card

Are you wary of entering your debit card pin at restaurants, running to ATMs for cash or carrying your debit/credit cards with you all the time? Is your wallet getting fatter because of all those restaurant bills piling inside? You are in luck. QuikWallet is a new app, available on Android as well as iOS devices that allows you to pay restaurant bills electronically without ever having to produce your credit/debit card or enter your pin in public space. Besides, it also solves the problem of paper receipts by storing all your receipts within the app. The wallet is already acceptable in 27 eateries across Mumbai, with more coming soon.


How does it work?
The app stores all your credit/debit cards data securely on your phone. You are also required to create a four-digit pin to lock your app, to prevent misuse in case your phone gets lost. Now, once you are at a restaurant, you are required to check-in either via browsing through the list of eateries in the app (it also tells you of new offers and promotions available nearby) or by scanning the QR code at the restaurant. The restaurant identifies you via your mobile number, which you are required to share with the restaurant at the time of payment. The restaurant will then send the bill to you, accessible via the app. You check the bill and pay the required amount.


What we didn’t like
Despite the fact that the debit/credit card details are saved within the app, you still need to input your CVV number (so, technically, you will end up carrying your cards all the time). Then you are required to enter your 3D-secure pin. So, it’s not really that simple as swiping your card. Besides, to clear the payment, the app requires an active Internet connectivity on your phone. And if that fails, which happens most of the time across telecom operators, you may have to repeat the entire process all over again.

Also, there’s no mention anywhere on the company website, of whether or not users would be able to access their bills via email, a feature most people would appreciate, especially at the end of the financial year, or if they stop using QuikWallet.

Final verdict
Overall, QuikWallet is a great app with the potential to change our wallets, but not without issues. Like for example, the terms of service and privacy policy allows it to track a user’s behaviour — both on and off the app including the Web browser — and that too without any big names to back their banking credentials.

Available on: App store and Play Store PRICE Free

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