New breathalysers will click pictures of drivers as well

Aug 08, 2014, 02:16 IST | Anuj Ismail

Traffic department has procured 35 advanced breathalysers that will click photos of drivers while they are taking the test in the breath alcohol machine

The next time you think of driving in an inebriated state, think again. The city’s Traffic police department has procured advanced breathalysers, which will not only provide information about the level of alcohol consumption, but will also take photos, leaving violators with no chance of using the excuse that cops have used someone else’s result.

breath alcohol machine
Drunk drivers beware: The new breathalysers have a machine (in red) in which a mobile phone is present to take pictures, and a printer that will provide the entire information on the spot

These advanced breathalysers, with General Pocket Radio System (GPRS), will capture the photo of the person as they are taking the test with the help of a mobile phone attached to a printer. Cops will then get a printout of the test, along with the level of alcohol consumption and the photo, on the spot.

Traffic department has procured 35 of these advanced kits, including the breath alcohol machine, mobile phone and printer, at an investment of Rs 2 crore.

drunk people

“We have faced issues in the past when people refuse to admit that the result of the test is theirs and they were not driving in a drunken state. The new machine will make this system foolproof,” said Kavita Nerkar, assistant commissioner of police (traffic).

Nerkar informed that after training the traffic police, they have distributed the new breath analysers to all the 29 traffic divisions of the city.

“With the help of the new analysers, we will be able to conduct our drives more efficiently,” she added. Since January 2014, 1,685 people have been caught for driving in a drunken state.

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