New career awareness portal Jobinsight help job-seekers gain an edge in their job hunt

Jan 12, 2014, 15:21 IST | Rinky Kumar

Want to become a pilot but don't know where to start? Or, too confused to decide which career will be the right one for you? Or, do you want to change your profession? If these are some of the questions that are troubling you, check out Jobinsight, a job review portal that helps employees review their jobs and the companies they are working for to show job seekers the true picture

Have you landed a lucrative job, with just a couple of years of work experience and want to know how your future company really functions? Of course, you have done the initial research and tried to ask around but how about if the company’s current employees show you the true picture and prepare you for what’s really in store for you? Or like every fresher, you, too, have dreams in your eyes but don’t know the ground reality of various industries? If yes, then you can seek answers at Jobinsight, a career awareness portal that has been launched last February.

Archit Kejriwal, Faraz Potia and Rushabh Desai set up Jobinsight last year to guide professionals. PIC/ Shadab Khan

The brainchild of three 26-year-olds, Archit Kejriwal, Faraz Potia and Rushabh Desai, the website, apart from reviews, also features information about various industries, skills and attributes required for the roles in various companies, recommendations of books and blogs, current industry trends and news to help job-seekers gain an edge in their job hunt. It also features a blog page with articles written by professionals about their industry that imparts job recruitment advice. So you have a talent manager writing about her experiences of how she got in to the profession, a pilot who doles out tips on the requisite qualifications and the recruitment process etc.


A page from their own lives
Kejriwal, Potia and Desai decided to set up this portal after they faced trying times in their professional lives. Kejriwal, who graduated from Jai Hind College, Churchgate and has worked as a consultant in a multi-national company for three years, says, “We were college friends and honestly didn’t have much information about how the recruitment process functions. When companies came for campus placements, I took up the first job offer that I got. In hindsight, that was not a clever thing to do.

Had I waited then my career graph would have been quite different.” Potia, who worked as an investment banker, couldn’t agree more. He says, “The job profile was quite different from what was promised. As an employee I would have loved to have some prior insight into the company and how it functioned. I also realised that many people were not really aware of what an investment banker really does.”

A school friend of Kejriwal, Desai, who has worked in the renewable energy sector and graduated from the University of Texas, got a culture shock of sorts when he returned to India and saw that many people didn’t know how to make a resume. The trio decided to join hands and set up Jobinsight, a self-funded venture to dispel myths and create awareness among professionals.

Networking and bridging the gap
The trio, who had contacts in various industries given their work experience, started tapping professionals to write for their blogs pro bono. They also started conducting seminars in colleges and propagated on social media to create awareness about their portal. Potia says, “We were very clear that we wanted the blogs as that would set us apart from other portals. When a person reads it, it is like a professional talking about a day in his or her life. Blogs have helped us in spreading the word about ourselves. We upload two blogs very week.”

Apart from this, a person visiting the portal can log on to the website with his Facebook or Twitter account, fill up his personal details and also review the company that he or she is working for. Kejriwal says, “We know who the reviewer is but on the website it is anonymous. We filter it for abusive content and have a fixed word count. Also we edit all kinds of personal remarks that an employee is making about his colleagues or seniors. An aspirant reading the review can get in touch with the reviewer via inmail. The mail comes to us and then we forward it to the reviewer. That way the reviewer’s identity is not revealed. He or she can disclose it at his or her own discretion while interacting with the aspirant.”

Apart from these options, an employee can also rate his company from 1 to 10 on the basis of salary, work culture, location and amenities, performance appraisal and growth prospects, etc. Also, freshers can peruse through various industries such as law, advertising, pharmaceutical, HR consultancy, sound technology etc and get an idea about function and roles, major companies and books and blogs that they should read to get an idea bout the respective industries.

Make the right career choice
The trio also set up Careerinsight, an offline arm of Jobinsight, in May 2013 to help people make informed choices about which is the right career for them on the basis of their aptitude and interest level. Potia says, “We wanted to help students as well as professionals to develop the right approach towards building their career. So for students, we offer education counselling wherein we help students to help choose their course and college. This is done after we measure their interests and values on thebasis of aptitude and psychometric tests. For professionals, we offer services on how to write their resumes, prepare for interview etc.”

The founders have held workshops about mock interviews and resume services at Jai Hind College. Three months ago, they also tied up with Billabong School where they trained students ofclass 10, 11 and 12 to conduct aptitude and personality tests. “We are aiming at students so that they become well-rounded individuals,” says Desai. The trio maintains that they are happy with the response that the portal as well as the offline arm has elicited. “Setting up these ventures has been a learning experience for us too. The biggest transition was to evolve from employees to entrepreneurs. We are looking at various monetising opportunities for our ventures,” Potia signs off.

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5 tips to start your own business

Archit Kejriwal, Faraz Potia and Rushabh Desai give tips on how to start off on the right foot when you are setting up your own business:
1) Think through your idea thoroughly
2) Be flexible when it comes to your business module
3) Adapt yourself to changes
4) Build a good team where teammates share trust, understanding and good abilities
5) Play each other’s strengths

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