New due date for Royal baby

Jul 21, 2013, 02:37 IST | Agencies

Kate Middleton's mother spills the beans to her friends about the star sign of her grandchild

Earlier due on July 13, Kate Middleton is now expected to deliver her baby on July 23. While there are speculations that the Duchess and Prince William may have intentionally been vague about the due date, Kate’s mother Carole Middleton has reportedly spilled the beans about the new development.

She told her friends that the star sign of the baby will be Leo, meaning the newborn isn’t supposed to arrive for a few more days. Kate and Prince William had sparked a false royal baby birth alarm after they drove from her parents’ house in rural Berkshire in a convoy, which included protection vehicles to their Kensington Palace home.

It is only five minutes’ drive from her chosen maternity unit at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. According to royal sources, Kate, 31, remained in a relaxed mood after spending last week cocooned with Prince William at her parents’five million-pound Georgian manor house in Bucklebury.

A visible police presence in the village suggested the couple washeading back to the house on Friday. 

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