New food start-up in Mumbai's western suburbs for your 4 am snack

Oct 22, 2015, 08:00 IST | Krutika Behrawala

From Pav Bhaji to pasta, a new suburban food start-up kills hunger pangs till 5 am

If you go pub-hopping on weekends or love catching the late night show, you are familiar with the hassles of finding a decent eatery open post 1 am. Well, if you reside in the western suburbs, HOG might just help you curb those late-night hunger pangs.

Started two days ago, the new food delivery service that operates between Malad (W) and Juhu (W) is open till 5 am. In fact, it promises to deliver to your doorstep, your street or car even, if you are chilling anywhere within the area.

The food is delivered in sturdy containers and tin foils
The food is delivered in sturdy containers and tin foils

“The city demands food late night, and very few options exist to meet those demands. So, we decided to start HOG,” says its 24-year old founder, Ankit Xavier (a licensed commercial pilot), who started the venture with his childhood friend and aspiring cricketer, Manan Khakhar (20).

Operating from a kitchen in Goregaon and serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare, they offer fast food options like
Pav Bhaji (Rs 120), Masala Pav (Rs 50), Bhurji Pav (Rs 80), a variety of pizzas and pastas (Rs 120 onwards), sandwiches (Rs 80), rolls (Rs 70 onwards) as well as Chinese meal combos like Veg Fried Rice plus Manchurian Gravy (Rs 180). They also offer to deliver ice cubes, disposable cutlery and condoms.

“We’ve chosen foods that can be made within a short time and whose taste and condition can be maintained till they reach the customers. Pawan Kumar Mukhiya, a cook from Bihar, has been working for me over 13 years.

He is in charge of the food. I’ve always loved his fare,” Xavier informs. While they have roped in two delivery boys for now, the founders also deliver themselves, if there is a late night rush of orders.

TIME: 9 pm to 5 am
CALL: 9769595966/9769044664
DELIVERY AREAS: From Malad (W) to Juhu (W)
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