New horror film 'Mumbai 125 Km' joins the 3D bandwagon

Jan 14, 2013, 09:00 IST | The Hitlist Team

The audience has several times proved that stars are not important for a horror film to make it a success. The horror in 3D provides a more spine-chilling experience.


Vikram Bhatt started the successful second generation of 3D film making with Haunted 3D in 2011 after the 1984 release Chhota Chetan 3D.

Vikram Bhatt

He continued the horror 3D era with Raaz 3D which again was a hit and now everyone’s eyes are on Hemant Madhukar’s most controversial 3D horror film Mumbai 125 Kms, which is slated to release in March as this is the only 3D horror film which is shot on real stereoscopic 3D format similar to Haunted and Raaz 3D.

Mumbai 125 Km

The same format was also used for Hollywood film Amazing Spiderman — Spiderman 3.

Hemant Madhukar

When questioned, why many people are not coming forward to make 3D films Hemant said, “It’s very difficult and expensive to make a 3D film as the entire film is shot at nights. It is also very tedious and time-consuming. The production costs also shoots up due to the long shoot schedules and process.” 

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