New man at the top

Jul 24, 2012, 07:06 IST | Lindsay Pereira

'Dear Pranab Mukherjee, they probably told you Rashtrapati Bhavan has 340 rooms. There's one more, the biggest in fact: Room for improvement.' That tweet from Stereotypewriter was one of many offering advice or congratulations to our new President

Actor Anupam Kher tweeted: ‘Hope you rise above the politics of Politics in India and bring back the dignity of the President’s post.’ There was this comment from Ashwin Mushran: ‘I had no idea there was a president before him; heard some lady was living in the house.’ And from Sandip Ghose: ‘Pranab’s ascent to Rashtrapati Bhavan will devalue The Calcutta Club Presidency, which until now was the highest honour reserved for Bengalis.’

Goodbye to all that
Also clogging timelines was the lady making her way out. Faking News tweeted: ‘Mukherjee will soon move into Rashtrapati Bhavan. Right now, Pratibha Patil is changing all the working tube-lights with fused ones.’ Mahesh Murthy added, tongue firmly in cheek: ‘Patil to leave Delhi soon for Pune. Via Bali, Tahiti, Honolulu, Vancouver, Miami, St. Barts, Corfu and Dubai.’ There was this tweet from Khamba: ‘Pratibha Patil looked like the kind of aunty who would never return your cricket ball if you knocked it inside her house.’ In the words of Amit Gadhvi: ‘President Patil, we will always remember you for sitting on Afzal Guru’s mercy plea for 5 years!’ There was also this tweet from Gaurav Chopra: ‘Right now, Pratibha Patil must be showing Pranab Mukherjee where the geyser switch is, how to switch on the water-pump, etc.’

The other candidate
And then there was the man who lost. Sateash Jain tweeted: ‘PA Sangma lacked money power, muscle power and CBI probe withdrawal power. Naturally, lost President poll to Pranab Mukherjee. Salute tenacity.’

The last word
From Bollywood star Bipasha Basu: ‘Pranab Mukherjee is our new President. Let’s see how his super sharp political mind takes India forward!’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online 

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