New mobile game has addictive gameplay but ads mar the fun

Jan 14, 2016, 08:30 IST | Hassan M Kamal

With interesting turns and curious gameplay, Mumbai-born Cash or Crash: Getaway Drive is an addictive option for mobile phone gamers

What do a bunch of GTA nerds do when they learn the tech behind it? Simple. They make games. And that's what GameEon is all about. An Indian start-up founded in 2013, GameEon has over a dozen games in its kitty β€” some are addictive, like Memtrix, while some allow you to fly kite in the Mumbai skies, and others are border-line teenager-ish. Take for example, Don't Tap the Rakhi. It's a simple game that was released in August 2014 to help guys overcome the fear of falling into the bro zone during Raksha Bandhan. The app requires you to select 'red lips' on the screen and avoid 'rakhis' that run through screen in Matrix style. Who would have thought of that, right?

The GameEon team is back with another game called Cash or Cash: Getaway Drive, that releases today on Google Play Store. We, however, managed to get a copy of it before the release. And after giving it a workout, we have to admit, we loved it.

What we like
The story behind Cash or Crash is simple: some hooligans have attacked the local bank. And as if reprising the role of Joker from Batman, they have scattered money all over the place. The game allows you to collect as much cash as possible while driving through the city (and six other locations that you are free to chose) in your favourite vehicle (the game offers eight of them).

The vehicles have simple tap-for-turn controls, and get more complex as you progress through the tracks. But it's not only cash that you collect, if you are lucky you might find a few stars along the way, which will help gain more control over the vehicle, including its wheels and brakes. But don't expect things to get easier. As you progress through the game, your vehicle picks up speed. And soon enough, you realise how tough it is to ride. One wrong turn, and bam! You are flat on the ground, and your car becomes a pile of scrap. You can play the game in both single and multiplayer mode, which adds a competitive edge to this getaway car game.

What we don't like
Sadly though, the app comes with ads β€” not just the type that blink at the bottom, but full-page video ads that eat up your data. This is a huge let down from such an addictive game. Agreed, the creators need to make money, but forcing people to watch video ads without any warning and when data isn't cheap, is not cool.

The Guide Verdict
Cash or Crash is one of the toughest car games on Android, yet, it’s fun and addictive β€” one, we will be playing for a long time. We would, however, love to see a version minus the ads.

On: Google Play Store 
Price: To be announced 

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