Newly-wed hubby almost dies six times on honeymoon due to rare virus

Sep 03, 2013, 05:37 IST | ANI

A newly-wed husband died six times on honeymoon after a rare virus attacked his heart

 33-year-old Andrew Britton collapsed just hours after arriving in the Maldives for his honeymoon with wife Lauren.

Triathlete Britton, now waiting for a heart transplant, first showed signs of the mystery virus after feeling run-down on the flight out.

Once he arrived on Kandooma Island, last November, he got worse and doctors found that his heart was swollen and was beating abnormally high, the Mirror reported.

Doctors had to sedate Britton and shock his heart so that it started beating at a normal rhythm.

Britton was then jetted off to a heart hospital in Bangkok on an emergency medical jet, where he stayed in life support for two weeks.

He stayed in the hospital for six weeks before becoming fit enough to take another medical flight home, where he was rushed to Harefield Hospital, West London.

He was treated there but just seven weeks after getting discharged he collapsed while shopping and this time he underwent an eight hours open heart surgery and had a device fitted to get his blood pumping. 

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