News channel finds ICC anti-corruption officer's alleged link with Indian bookie

May 21, 2014, 08:34 IST | Agencies

As the International Cricket Council (ICC) reviews the role of its Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU), a top officer of the unit was reportedly found having links with an Indian bookie during the World Twenty20 in Dhaka in March-April this year.

New Delhi: In what could be an embarrassment for the ICC, a top official of its Anti-Corruption and Security (ACSU) unit has allegedly been found to have links with an Indian bookmaker during this year's World Twenty20 in Bangladesh.

A Dhaka-based television channel 'Bangla Tribune' today released audio tapes of an alleged conversation between an ICC ASCU's officer from India and an alleged bookie during the World Twenty20 in Bangladesh this year.

The channel claimed that the bookie was arrested by Dhaka police but was later released on the request of the ICC ACSU officer, who told the officials that the former was his informer.

"Based on audio surveillance records, the bookie was arrested in April, following which he provided key information surrounding cricket match-fixing," the channel said. The ASCU official refused to comment on the alleged conversation, saying that it was for the ICC to react on such issues.

The ICC has not given any official reaction on the matter. The conversation between the bookie and the official was also shown by an Indian channel which, however, made it clear that they did not vouch for its veracity. In the conversation, the ACSU official was telling the bookie to be careful and leave Bangladesh immediately as his presence has already been noticed.

The official was also heard telling the bookie that his presence has created a mess and it could be difficult to defend him. "You better leave this place because you are now a marked face and you can be easily be identified...better you leave this place before somebody recognises you," the official was quoted as saying by the channel.

The following is the transcript of the purported conversation between Yadav and Dutta:

Dharamveer Singh Yadav: Hello, speak.

Atanu Dutta: Sir, please make me …[inaudible] this tournament.

Yadav: Listen, I had told you earlier that you need to be careful this time because I told them that you were gone.

Atanu: You could have informed me earlier; then I would have gone away.

Yadav: No, I did tell you earlier. It will not be safe for you to stay here.

Atanu: No, nothing happened today. That person sat behind me. I had spotted him early on. After that, I did nothing suspicious.

Yadav: Where are you now?

Atanu: I am still where I was.

Yadav: There is only one way to save yourself from them. Stay in the crowd and they will not notice you. They have not captured you yet?

Atanu: No, no.

Yadav: Nothing like that had happened?

Atanu: No, no. I am still sitting here. Now I am going out.

Yadav: Yes, get out now; and do not sit in the corner. If you sit in the corner, you will be spotted. You have to sit among the public, near the top.

Atanu: I was sitting at the top.

Yadav: Yes, Atanu. There is always trouble if you do not do that. Last time I faced some problems because of this. And now you have been spotted. So I am saying you should go away.

Atanu: Yes, I have to do this.

Yadav: There is big trouble when you are spotted.

Atanu: Listen, sir. I am going away from here, only after tomorrow's one. Since there is trouble here, I better return to India. I will go by bus.

Yadav: That will be best for you. It is a huge problem now that you have been spotted.

Atanu: I am exiting the ground right now (inaudible)… Nothing happened today. I am stopping the work. Please sir, only help me get out. Nothing has happened to me. I can exit with you.

Yadav: Are you not being allowed to leave?

Atanu: No, no. I was speaking for safety. If I manage to get out of here, I would return to India within a day or two. Nothing happened today.

Yadav: Then get out. Who is going to challenge you? Or is someone from them sitting behind you?

Atanu: No, no. There is no one there.

Yadav: Then leave. Keep calm and exit the place.

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