Neymar's agent slams Pele

Feb 22, 2013, 08:39 IST | IANS

The agent of Brazil's Neymar has accused Pele of hypocrisy and jealousy after the legend's attack on the 21-year-old's attitude

In a controversial interview, Pele said Neymar had become an “ordinary player” for Brazil. He added the striker needed to be more of a team player and focus less on his haircut and public image, reports Xinhua.


Neymar’s representative Wagner Ribeiro said Pele had no right to comment on Neymar’s lifestyle. “He shouldn’t stick his nose in other people’s personal lives, because his own is a mess,” Ribeiro said.

“He should worry about taking care of his grandsons. He has never been affectionate with them. This is jealousy. He should look after his own family,” he added.

Ribeiro said Pele would not be as good as Neymar if he played now. “If Pele played today he would be inferior to Neymar because defenders then were slow and players’ physical conditions were different. That’s why he was Pele. Today the defenders fly and Neymar still manages to be one of the best in the world.”

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