Neymar flies Serbian model Soraya Vucelic in private jet to visit him

Oct 31, 2014, 11:26 IST | ANI

Barcelona's star forward Neymar recently sent a private plane for Serbian model Soraya Vucelic, to bring her to Catalunya to visit him, it has been revealed

London:  Barcelona’s Brazilian super striker Neymar (22) is in fine form both on the field and off it.

According to Serbian tabloid Kurir, the striker recently sent a private jet to fly model Soraja Vucelic to Barcelona. The couple first met last summer in Ibiza and have reportedly kept in touch online, via Skype. 


Neymar. Pic/ Getty Images

Big Brother star Vucelic (28) was originally scheduled to travel to Barcelona to meet Neymar at the end of October. However, the two could not wait that long to see each other and the star footballer made the lady cancel her flight tickets and instead board a private carrier to be with him earlier. 

Vucelic earned popularity in the Balkans after being a part of the hit reality TV show Big Brother there and currently boasts of a huge local fan club in Eastern Europe. 

Soraja Vucelic
Model Soraja Vucelic posted this picture on her Instagram account of herself travelling in a private jet sent by Barcelona’s Brazilian star striker Neymar

The model even posted a photograph of herself wearing Neymar’s Barcelona jersey in the aircraft on her Instagram account. The Serbian beauty reportedly stayed in Barcelona for several days during which she went around town shopping and dining with the Brazilian captain.

Neymar was not in the Barcelona side that beat Espanyol via penalty shootout on Wednesday in the Catalan Super Cup, but will return on Saturday for their La Liga visit to Celta Vigo.

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