Nick Stahl contacts friends, says he headed to rehab

May 21, 2012, 07:40 IST | PTI

"Terminator" actor Nick Stahl, who had gone missing earlier this week, has contacted his friends via email saying that he is headed to rehab.

The 32-year-old's wife, Rose Stahl, had filed a missing person's report in the LA police station, saying that she had not seen her husband since May 9 and his disappearance may be drug related.

In a note to friends, Stahl said he was sorry for disappearing and that he was going to rehab, where he would be under the radar for 30 days. But he hasn't sent the email to his wife, said The Hollywood Reporter.

"I'm relieved. But I'm also sceptical that he really is in rehab," Rose said. She said she read the "unemotional and unapologetic" email since she has access to Stahl's account; it was sent around 10 pm on Friday. Stahl wrote that he intended to make arrangements to pick up his clothes before checking into rehab. 

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