Night shift chronicles

Mar 25, 2013, 01:08 IST | Soma Das

As a fellow insomniac, it's easy to sympathise with the plight of photographer Dhruv Malhotra.

But unlike other procrastinating insomniacs, Malhotra (who juggles between Delhi and Jaipur) has managed to turn his handicap into fodder for visual art. The result is the exhibition, Noida Soliloquy and Sleepers, which showcases photographs shot over several nights.

Untitled image from the Sleepers series

In Noida Soliloquy, the photographs are shot with long exposures and make the night appear almost like daytime, shifting attention to the in-between spaces of the aspiring metropolis.

The images depict the streets and parks of Noida and the sleeping figures Malhotra stumbled upon. Fascinated by the community of “sleepers”, he began to search for them wherever he went. At times, the sleeping figures would awaken during the shoot and Malhotra captured the moments of waking on film.

Through the images, Malhotra also makes a comment on urban life in India. The exhibition is part of a gallery exchange programme between Photoink and Chatterjee & Lal.

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