Nikhil Dwivedi feasts on 70 bananas for a scene!

Oct 16, 2012, 08:55 IST | Kunal M Shah

Nikhil Dwivedi, who plays a small-town outlaw with Richa Chhadha in his upcoming film, had to literally pay a price on the challenges of working in the realistic 'rehearse and shoot' mode in producer Suryaveer's upcoming film

The actor had to gorge on 70 bananas for a particular sequence in the film. A source from the unit says, “The makers shot with actual Garhwali folk on the street to give it an authentic feel.

Nikhil Dwivedi

And every time he ate the bananas, the watchful visual directorfrom abroad noticed something amiss with the extras and they had to shoot it al over again.” And the method actor that Nikhil is, he lost count of the bananas he had to gorge on and finally the shot was completed to the satisfaction of the director and the visual director. 

The source adds, “At the end to maintain the authenticity, Nikhil was literally force-feeding himself and felt as if he needed to throw up. He was stunned when Suryaveer told him that he had eaten over 70 bananas.” The unit was shooting in the picturesque town of Tehri Garhwal in Uttarakhand. This particular sequence was shot in the local Kulna market where Nikhil was filmed stealing the fruit from a vendor.  

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