NMMC'S files to be kept safe in server stationed abroad

Jun 26, 2012, 06:54 IST | Saurabh Katkurwar

In order to save its documents from possible calamities, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has decided to digitise its data and save it in four servers, one of which will be stationed in a foreign country

The Mantralaya fire has exposed the vulnerability of government files in the way that they presently exist. It is a well-known fact that reams and reams of official documentation was reduced to ashes during the fire, and a complete recovery of these is impossible.

While the shock has forced the state government to rethink their archiving methods, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) has gone a step further, proposing to set up and maintain a server in a foreign country to protect its valuable data from possible large-scale calamities.

NMMC’s current headquarter building in Belapur does not have sufficient fire security, and its new building, which is under construction, isn’t protected against fire either. Taking away a valuable lesson from Thursday’s catastrophic inferno, NMMC has decided to set up a system that will be able to save digitised data from any kind of calamity.

Sanjeev Naik, MP from Thane, has issued instructions to NMMC to improve the security system in their buildings, and also set up the server abroad to preserve data. “I have asked officials of the NMMC to improve fire security systems in both the existing and under-construction buildings of the corporation, to prevent any untoward incidents. We want to be ready for any kind of disaster, so all files and important documents of NMMC will be digitised and saved in four servers, one of which will be maintained in a foreign country. Three of the servers will be installed in Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata. We are yet to decide which country the fourth server will be set up in. We will reach a decision this week,” said Naik.

In addition, NMMC is planning to digitise its archives as well. “We are examining the cost and infrastructure required for both digitisation and setting up a server in a foreign country,” said Sagar Naik, mayor of Navi Mumbai.

Digitisation, once started, will become a permanent feature of the NMMC’s archiving process.

“I have instructed an executive engineer of the electrical department to conduct a feasibility test for the digitisation project. Once we get the actual information about the project, we will take necessary steps to make it functional,” said Bhaskar Wankhede, commissioner of NMMC. 

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