NMMC hospital staff demand better security

Jun 27, 2013, 08:00 IST | Rubina Choudhari

Incident of a hospital staffer being beaten black and blue led the worker's union to intervene and demand better working conditions for the staff of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Hospital in Vashi

After a cleaning staffer at Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Hospital was beaten up by a group of five people, hospital staff is worried about safety measures and raised concerns over security. The cause of the attack, which occurred last week on Thursday, could not be determined.

Safety concerns: The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Hospital in Sector-10 Vashi saw meetings organised by Navi Mumbai Mazdoor Union over safety of the staff recently

The Navi Mumbai Mazdoor Union organised a meeting on June 24, demanding safer environment for the staff. Besides they also said that the hospital should appoint more security personnel on the premises.

Shrikant Gadve, manager of the cleaning staff at the NMMC hospital is currently in the trauma ward of the hospital with injuries on his head and hand.

Though the hospital is equipped with CCTV cameras, the footage was very unclear, making it difficult for the management to recognise the culprits.

Sushil Shetty, assistant secretary of the Navi Mumbai Mazdoor Union said, “The only demand that we have is that the hospital should have better security. If this happened with Shrikant Gadve, tomorrow it can happen to anyone of us. Unknown people could bash anyone up. The hospital should install better quality CCTV cameras so that these can capture recognisable footage.”

The medical superintendent of the NMMC hospital in Vashi could not be reached for a comment despite repeated attempts. 

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