NMMT hits Rs 41,325 jackpot in a month

Jul 18, 2013, 00:13 IST | Rubina Choudhari

The transport body's jackpot initiative calls for ticket checkers at every bus stop on the route so that ticketless passengers cannot escape without paying the fine.

NMMT has kicked off the jackpot plan since June where ticket checkers select a particular route in Navi Mumbai and each bus stop on that route has a ticket checker, so that people are forced to buy tickets. It will be hard for ticketless passengers to escape paying fine to the ticket checkers this way.

When a passenger is caught ticketless in a non-AC bus he has to pay a fine of Rs 100 and the price of the ticket fare. In an AC bus he has to pay a fine of Rs 200 and the sum of his fare. Since the month of June the jackpot plan has earned NMMT Rs 41,325 from 382 ticketless passengers.

NMMT Buses

The only drawback is that there are just 30 ticket checkers in all of Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) making the area they can cover small.

“The jackpot plan till now has been a huge success. With this we not only catch the ticketless passengers who try real hard to get away without paying a fine but we also keep a tab on the drivers and the conductors.

Now the drivers try to drive safely and conductors try hard to make sure that there are fewer ticketless passengers in their bus,” said Umakant Jangle, Traffic Superintendent, Turbhe Bus Depot. In June, five jackpot rounds were conducted in areas like Vashi -- Koparkhairane, Vashi, Dombivli, Kharghar, Nerul. Now, NMMT is planning to conduct such drives every fifteen days. 

383 Number of ticketless travellers fined

Seeing so many ticket checkers on one route will surely take a lot of people by surprise; it is good to know that the Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) is coming up with such great plans and it will definitely decrease the number of people who travel ticketless.

Basit Tole, Nerul (20)

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) has started a great initiative to catch ticketless passengers. There are times when we hardly see any ticket checkers at bus stops and now when people will see ticket checkers at every bus stop they will make it a point to buy tickets.

Safwan Bhadki,  Koparkhairane (20)

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