No borders for Rahman

Jan 03, 2013, 07:42 IST | Deepali Dhingra

It's after a gap of more than 15 years that AR Rahman brought out a solo single 'Infinite Love'.

And as the title suggests, it’s the message of loving everyone by doing away with the borders of the mind. Rahman chats with CS about his thought behind releasing this single:

AR Rahman
Who: AR Rahman
What: On his solo single

Statement from India
After Vande Materam, there was nothing compelling enough for me to do an album. At this point of my life, after winning the Oscars, I feel maybe the world might take notice of things happening here. I felt we should have a statement from India and trigger some sort of leadership. The whole idea of the song is just that.

Music is a tool
As a musician, I have a choice. I can do many things. But I would like to do stuff that I’m proud of being associated with. Something that plants a seed in the next generation; something that they can take and grow with and become leaders in whichever field they choose to be in. They could become the best sportspersons, musicians — people who can give back to society. We have a population of more than a billion people. Why can’t we have the best leadership? In every street there is creativity. Music is just a tool. We can use it to trigger creativity.

Kid friendly
How many videos are there for children? Everything has got a pelvic thrust in it. Kids are watching things they should ideally not be watching. So I thought, why not go to the side where kids can get inspired. That was my thought behind involving children in the video.

World without borders
There are two senses to it. One is the physical sense while the other is in the mind. When we talk to a poor person, we behave differently and when we talk to a rich person, we behave differently. When you talk to someone from another nationality, you speak differently. These are the borders I want to do away with. When you’re a child, you don’t differentiate. Everyone is your friend but that goes away become an adult. I totally detest that. Why can’t we feel for another nation, neighbour, state, person? We tend to segregate things and people. Instead we can shame the opponent. The thought should be that if the person in front of me is offering this much, then why can’t I give more. They should feel that they can be one up on the person in front of them. I want this song to be a trigger.  

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