No dummy test was conducted by CBI: Rajesh Talwar

May 21, 2013, 19:00 IST | Agencies

Dentist Rajesh Talwar today told special court here that CBI did not carry out any dummy test at their Jalvayu Vihar residence where his daughter Aarushi and domestic servant Hemraj were killed five years ago.

CBI investigator AGL Kaul, who led the second probe team in connection with the sensational murders, had claimed in his deposition as prosecution witness that he carried out such a test in 2010 by putting a dummy in a sheet and dragging it to the roof with the help of two persons with normal body built. 

The purpose of this exercise purportedly carried out in the presence of forensic experts was to ascertain whether parents of the teenager were capable of dragging a subconscious Hemraj to terrace where he was allegedly killed by them, he had claimed.

While recording his statement under Section 313 of the CrPC before Special CBI Judge Shyam Lal, where Judge seeks clarification from the accused on the witnesses and evidence presented against him, Talwar said no such test was conducted by the CBI.

Rajesh and Nupur Talwar. File pic

Sources in the know of proceedings claimed that Talwars had left their residence of Jalvayu Vihar--the crime scene--immediately after the incident and have not been living there since so there was no question of test being conducted there.

The sources said CBI had not presented any evidence on record to show that such a test was conducted and the only proof presented by CBI is a statement of its investigator AGL Kaul and Forensic Expert Rajinder Singh.

In his statement before the court, Kaul had claimed that a dummy test was conducted for two reasons--to understand whether two persons of normal built can wrap an adult's body and take it upstairs to the terrace and to ascertain pattern of bloodstains when such an act takes place.

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