No extra information is going to come out from me: Shah Rukh Khan

Jul 26, 2013, 08:37 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Shah Rukh Khan on his much-hyped embrace with Salman Khan and more...

Why did you hug Salman?
Whether be it my relationships or friendships, I have maintained dignity by not talking about it. I would like to keep it that way. With whatever analysis has been done on the matter and so much has been said and written about us, I will never talk about it. So no extra information is going to come out from me.

Shah Rukh Khan

Will postponing your film affect its fate at the box office?
Every film has its own destiny and it has its way to progress towards success. I know we are just getting five days but I hope it has a long run.

How are you feeling, post your shoulder surgery?
It is true that there is too much work. I think in another week or two, I will be okay and everyone takes care of me.

Your social and personal calendar this year seems to be buzzing.
I have found a great friend this year (Rohit Shetty). My entire Chennai Express team is happy and I am happy too. I wish the rest of the year goes well too.

You had Honey Singh singing for you.
This song is not part of the film. He met me and told me he wanted me to be featured in his video. When I heard the song I realised it was going with the flavour of our film and that is the reason I asked Deepika to join me on the track. It is his tribute for Rajnikanth sir. 

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