No free ticket for 'Chennai Express' as per offer!

Aug 21, 2013, 08:25 IST | The Hitlist Team

A MiD DAY reader was turned away from getting a free ticket as advertised by the production company behind SRK's new film. A genuine case of misunderstanding or eyewash?

While Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express is hurtling full steam ahead making its way into record books the makers are leaving no stones unturned to promote the film in all possible manner. But what came across our notice yesterday could perhaps cause a slight dent on the hunky-dory picture that the producers are trying to paint of the film’s connect with the public.

Chennai Express

A MiD DAY reader had queued up at a suburban multiplex in Juhu hoping to bag the deal that has been advertised by the makers across all leading newspapers. But much to his dismay, he was only handed out two tickets. The distraught man told us, “When I demanded my third ticket, I was reprimanded for not announcing it loud and clear at the counter that I had specifically come looking for the offer. Why advertise it if they don’t want to stick to their words?”

However, the representatives of the film’s co-producers have something else to say, “Yesterday, almost 1.7 lakh free tickets were doled out as per the offer.” When HitList tried to avail the same offer on a popular ticket-booking portal, the third ‘free’ ticket remained elusive here as well.

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