No headway in Holi mishap,Kurla GRP closes case

Sep 12, 2013, 06:34 IST | Shashank Rao

Six months after one person died and seven were injured as they fell off a local train, the Government Railway Police (GRP) officials have closed the case, as investigations reached a dead end

The case was closed in the first week of September by Kurla GRP police station where the case was registered. On March 25, during the festival of Holi, a miscreant had allegedly flung coloured powder at the victims from a train going in the opposite direction. The powder had caused a burning sensation in their eyes, which caused them to lose their balance and fall on the tracks between Sion and Kurla railway stations. Soon after the incident, GRP officials began investigating the case.

The injured victims were of no help, as they could not identify the troublemakers. Cops then began rounding up habitual offenders and slum residents from the vicinity, but their efforts were to no avail. Authorities said that over 50 people were interrogated, but nothing conclusive emerged and the identity of the culprits’ unknown to date. “We have closed the case for the time being,” said Senior Inspector, S Dhumal, Kurla GRP.

Meanwhile, five days after a woman died as she was dragged off a local train by a stick-wielding robber, questions have been raised about the detection capabilities of the GRP, as they have made no headway in the Aarti Golapkar case. Golapkar, a 43-year-old, fell off a moving train last Thursday after the thief, attempting to hook her bag, pulled her down between Airoli and Turbhe railway stations.

She was later found lying unconscious in a pool of blood near the tracks. Her mangalsutra, earrings and her bag containing money were stolen. Golapkar succumbed to her injuries two days later at a hospital on Saturday. Post the incident, the GRP officials said they have formed teams, but have been unable to make any breakthrough yet.

No of people who were injured in the Holi incident 

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