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Jan 25, 2015, 08:00 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Monisha Jaising pays an ode to the new-age Indian bride with her contemporary trousseau collection that marries opulence with elegance and features an array of traditional silhouettes with a modern twist. She reveals how designing is more fun when theren’t any rules

When designer Monisha Jaising started work on her Contemporary Trousseau collection, she realised that modern brides prefer to break the norms when it comes to dressing up for their big day.

Designer Monisha Jaising
Designer Monisha Jaising

With the wedding season in full swing, Jaising’s bridal couture collection features an array of traditional silhouettes with a modern twist. Sari gowns and lehengas in shades, ranging from ebony, silver and gold to sorbet tones such as mint green and French blue, jostle with earthy hues such as olive green, burnt amber, and jewel tones including emerald green and topaz. The designer has also infused elements such as lace, 3D embroidery and digitally printed under-layers to add a modern twist to traditional wear. Excerpts from an interview with Jaising:

Designer Monisha Jaising's creations
Designer Monisha Jaising's creations

Q. How would you describe the bride of 2015?
A. The bride of 2015 is a new-age and confident woman who loves to experiment with edgy creations and go beyond the stereotype. She is bold, modern and not bound by the usual norms of wedding attire, but feels luxurious in couture. This makes her different from other brides.

Q. The styles in your new collection range from Indian to Mughal and European. What was the inspiration?
A. The major USPs of the collection are the mood and lifestyle of the high-borne and two completely different cultures merged into one. The intricate 3D embroidery, digital print and other techniques make the bride feel special on her wedding day.

The collection’s inspiration is a fusion of Indian, Mughal and European styles of monarchy architecture and lifestyle. My designs are usually inspired by India and my travels to exotic places. I am extremely passionate about art, music and modern architecture, but India has always been my strongest source of inspiration.

Q. Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in your collections. This time, there’s 3D embroidery, digital prints, feathers and more. What prompted you to incorporate these elements in your designs?
A. Nowadays, it is all about individual and personal style, mixing old with the new, masculine with feminine, sport with glamour. Basically there are no rules. Designing is a lot more fun when there are no rules. You see a lot of women now, breaking the norms of dressing up on their wedding day or at their wedding functions. This drove me to infuse contemporary 3D, Zardozi and Mukaish embroidery, d­­igital prints and feathers that resounds opulence, elegance, cultural richness and modernity.

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