No interference from Shah Rukh Khan

May 20, 2013, 00:05 IST | Special Features

When it comes to his acting prowess in films, Shah Rukh Khan has umpteen fans.

But as the owner of a cricket team too, SRK finds himself in a favourable position, at least with his team. Jacques Kallis, who’s part of his team told CS, “Shah Rukh is a brilliant owner. He looks after us really well.

Shah Rukh Khan

As an owner, he makes sure that we have a good time off the field. The best thing about him is he doesn’t interfere at all in the working of the team.

He tells us to give our best on the field and makes sure that all of us are enjoying as well. Shah Rukh’s knowledge of cricket is pretty decent. He knows the game as well as any player.” 

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