No joint for food snobs

Sep 19, 2011, 11:10 IST | Rocky Thongam

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. If you can digest that put on your flip-flops and hop in here

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. If you can digest that put on your flip-flops and hop in here

A few days back, two ex-Delhi University students brewed up a storm. Proud 'Stephenian' and Rajya Sabha MP Mani Shankar Aiyar and 'humble' Hans Raj boy Minister of State (Independent) for Sports and Youth Affairs Ajay Maken wrestled over, now perhaps the most Goggled word in DU and newsrooms -- dichotomous (hope got the spelling right). It fueled a debate on national television and around 800 students from Maken's college signed a letter of protest. But what captured my attention was St Stephen's principal Valsun Thampu's meeting with his Hansraj counterpart V.K. Kawtra over a cup of tea. "The tea in HRC is no way inferior to ours," declared the man.

The place is a favourite with students and professionals alike

The fateful tea session made me think of food. Those substances usually of plant or animal origin consumed to provide nutritional support (and emotional too) and which contain essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals (there I have done both the polished and the BSc students proud). And nothing more DU-like then Momo's Point in Kamla Nagar!

Put on your floppy flip-flops and walk to the tapered lane teeming with famished college students. Expect at least a 10-minute wait before you get a table. That gives you ample time to soak in the youthful atmosphere giving opportunity to eavesdrop on what's latest on the campus. Like, a young lad, who just got ditched by his girlfriend and wanted to 'celebrate' it over Kung Pao chicken with his buddies.

Momo's Point, as the name suggests, serves simple Chinese fare. Your mushroom soups, steamed dimsums, spring rolls, thukpas and Yo! China-type special meals. But it's this simplicity which makes your mouth water.
The piping hot Pork thukpa in an economical garish red plastic bowl, nourishing to the core. The pan fried and steaming Chicken kothey momos and the fiery chilly paste which you gulp down with a watery almost soda-less glass of fountain Coke.

And if you are someone who loves prawns, dig into a plate of Prawns in hot garlic sauce. And yes, I know of MNC employees who travel all the way from Gurgaon for a plate of the vegetarian dumplings here. Hakka chowmein, Szechwan fried rice, Mushroom green chilli, Chicken mushroom bamboo shoot �you'll find nothing exotic on the menu but then again that's not the reason you come here.

You come here because you don't care about the AC, cutlery, crockery or draperies. You come here because you are famished and want a meal you can share with friends and go Dutch. You come here because sometimes it's so much more 'cool' to be part of something 'ordinary'.

At: Momo's Point, Jawahar Nagar, Kamla Nagar
Timings: 11am to 10 pm
Ring: 23858435
Meal for two: Rs 400

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