No lobbying in playback: Arijit Singh

Jun 14, 2013, 09:04 IST | Deepali Dhingra

'Tum Hi Ho' singer Arijit Singh admitted recently that he was personally going through a bad phase, just before he got the opportunity to sing the song.

The singer, who has been receiving compliments for the hit number, tells CS that there is no lobbying in playback, and why both Phir Mohabbat and Tum Hi Ho are close to his heart:

Arijit Singh

Perceptions haven’t changed
As far as people treating me differently after the success of Tum Hi Ho is concerned, those who know me personally from before haven’t changed. It was in 2011 that I started singing but I’ve been working as a music producer from before, so a lot of music composers know me in that capacity. They knew I could sing these kind of songs. Some of them did message me saying ‘Boss, tum to chhaa gaye!’ (smiles)

No lobbying
If there is lobbying in playback, I haven’t seen it. I’ve worked with almost all music composers, especially Pritam and Vishal and Shekhar. I think people who are ruling as music composers are very clear about who they want and what kind of voice they want – whether established or new. Even Pritam, who is usually the most confusing guy, is clear about who he wants. He keeps trying out new singers, and in that process, he auditions a lot of singers, which is really great.

The connect
If you ask me to choose between Phir Mohabbat and Tum Hi Ho, then it’s very difficult for me. I have sung both these songs in different moods and I’m very nostalgic about them. I was going through a very bad phase personally when Phir Mohabbat happened. Even before Tum Hi Ho, I was drained out on the personal level. After both these songs, the situations improved. So, they are very close to my heart. On the other hand, I was going through a very good phase before Rabta happened. I think before every song I’ve sung, I was going through some extreme level of life! (laughs)

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