No misbehaving, this is Wimbledon

Jun 30, 2013, 02:39 IST | Dileep Mehta

Wimbledon observes strict guidelines when it comes to entry for spectators.

Apart from examining the ticket or pass issued on behalf of the All England Lawn Tennis club, the authorities even have an eye on the size of bags that spectators bring in. Oversized flags and banners bearing political statements or advertisements are not allowed. 

The use of abusive language/obscene gestures is a complete no-no as well. Spectators are prohibited from removing their shirts or any clothing likely to cause offence. Climbing up any building wall or other structure is an offence and could cause ejection from the hallowed arena.

Andy Murray, who kept his home fans’ hopes alive to become Britain’s first Wimbledon champion since 1936 by demolishing Spain’s Tommy Robredo on Friday, was non-committal when it came to reacting to the possibility of women’s ace Serena Williams taking him on further down the track. “I have no idea.

It depends if people would actually want to see it (Murray vs Serena clash) or not really, that’s what it would come down to,” said Murray, who displayed some level of hesitancy before reacting.

The Scot was also asked what he felt to have the weekend off since he only hits the court on Monday. “I will probably practise a bit longer tomorrow, have a slightly tougher practice session, I haven’t played that many times on Friday at Wimbledon, so it’s a little bit new for me but yes, I will just try and stick to the same schedule.” Enough indication that Murray is a sucker for training!  

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