No more driving a tempo for boxing champ Mrunal Bhosale!

Jun 10, 2015, 08:56 IST | Harit N Joshi

Post mid-day's April 18 story highlighting his unsteady financial situation, National boxer Mrunal Bhosale gets recruited by Goa-based firm which takes care of his specialised training and nutrition

Mrunal Bhosale does not need to rush through his training anymore to attend to customers, waiting for him to get their goods delivered in his tempo. The 28-year-old Pune welterweight boxer can now train at ease and not worry about how he will earn his money for the day.

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Pune-based National boxing champ drives tempo to make ends meet 

National boxer Mrunal Bhosale (right) with his TempoGo colleagues in Goa
National boxer Mrunal Bhosale (right) with his TempoGo colleagues in Goa 

In its April 18 edition, mid-day highlighted the fact that Bhosale had to earn a living by driving a tempo after all pleas for a permanent job fell on deaf ears. Despite all odds, Bhosale won a bronze medal at the National championships in Nagpur earlier this year.

Bhosale has now got a desk job with Goa-based TempoGo — a technology venture focused on the transportation sector. They pay him R25,000 per month with his training and nutrition expenses taken care of by the company. He trains in the morning and evening at the Sports Authority of India (SAI) centre in Panaji. The rest of the time, he dedicates to his job.

"My bosses are also arranging for an international coach to train me. I couldn't have asked for anything better than this. With such support and encouragement, I am confident of achieving my dreams," Bhosale told mid-day yesterday from Goa.

Following mid-day's story, SAI offered him a course in coaching which would make him eligible to coach at their centres. However, Bhosale felt it was not viable to take it up at this stage of his career. "I wanted a job that would help me continue with boxing. If I had taken up SAI's offer, I would have had to stop boxing competitively. I requested them to allow me to compete in tournaments, but they didn't agree," said Bhosale.

Perfect fit
The offer from Gourav Jaswal, Director of TempoGo, fitted Bhosale's needs perfectly. "Mrunal doesn't need money. He deserves an income from a job that can become a career in an environment that also allows him to focus on his training," Jaswal said.

mid-day's Page 1 on April 18
mid-day's Page 1 on April 18 

For Jaswal, it was a win-win situation having Bhosale in their team. "He being a sportsperson, despite adverse conditions, is indicative of the fact that he has self-discipline, drive and motivation. He also knows the transport business ground-up, having been a tempo driver till a few weeks ago and his personal story can be tremendously motivational for people in the transport sector that we connect with," said Jaswal.

Jaswal clarified that there was no emotional chord attached to Bhosale's recruitment. "Not sympathy in the everyday sense of 'pity', but yes, sympathy in the sense of an understanding of the situation. My understanding of his situation is that a person as determined and focused as him should be in an encouraging environment and not one that is indifferent to his goals," he concluded.

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