No more 'gas' excuses

Published: 31 October, 2011 08:20 IST | Nivedita Dargalkar |

Traffic cop reveals how commuters can check the auto's gas meter the next time a driver offers the 'low on gas' excuse

Traffic cop reveals how commuters can check the auto's gas meter the next time a driver offers the 'low on gas' excuse

The next time a rickshaw driver refuses to ply you on the pretext that the vehicle is running out of gas, you don't have to take his word, you can check for yourself. Traffic cops say it is an easy enough procedure.

Green is for go: A traffic official shows the gas meter in the rickshaw.

According to Traffic Constable Motiram More, who regulates traffic near Andheri (East) station, "Most passengers buy this false excuse of the auto drivers that their gas reserves are low or empty. However, in order to confirm whether the rickshaw driver is telling the truth, passengers must insist on checking the gas meters."

"Most of the rickshaw drivers I catch every day for refusing to ply passengers come up with this very excuse. However, on inspecting their gas meters, it becomes crystal clear that most of them are lying and have enough gas left for plying multiple fares," added More.

Easy enough
"It's very easy to check the rickshaw gas meter. It's the same as your car's or bike's fuel meter," More said, describing the procedure (see box: Green, yellow, red).

Besides, traffic police believe that such verification will definitely bring down the cases of drivers refusing to ply passengers, as the errant drivers will realise that they can no longer fool commuters with their lies.

Sonali Kamath said, "Most rickshaw drivers use this 'no gas' excuse, and we believe them. Now if a driver offers this excuse, I shall surely check the gas meter to confirm whether he is telling the truth."

Green, yellow, red!

The rickshaw gas meter is usually located beneath the passenger seat on the right hand side (see pic). If the arrow points towards the green mark, it means that the rickshaw has enough gas and the driver cannot refuse a fare. If he does, he can be booked for refusing to ply. If the arrow points towards the yellow mark, it is means the vehicle is running on reserved fuel. This is an indication that the driver needs to rush to the gas station to fill up his tank. Here, if the driver refuses to ply, his refusal is justified. However, if the arrow points towards the red mark, it means that the gas tank is almost empty.

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