No plans to marry George Clooney, says Stacy Keibler

Oct 29, 2012, 09:24 IST | IANS

Actress Stacy Keibler says she isn't interested in marrying partner actor George Clooney.

The couple came together August last year, and have stayed together despite recent rumours of a split. According to, when asked about the couple potentially marrying, Keibler responded: "That is not on my radar at all.

"I'm definitely the girl who doesn't talk about that kind of stuff. I'm not really interested in thinking about marriage or kids at all."  Clooney broke up with previous girlfriend of two years, Elisabetta Canalis just days after she announced her interest in the couple one day getting married.

Stacy Keibler
Stacy Keibler. Pic/Santa Banta

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