No shortage of support for India

Aug 27, 2012, 17:31 IST | Gaurav Joshi

As soon as Smit Patel hammered Ashton Turner over midwicket for four, there were tears of joy in the stands of Tony Ireland Stadium. It was a proud moment for a small Indian community here yesterday

Shashank Kodesia, an IT engineer, who was the first person to run onto the field and put an Indian flag around captain Unmukt Chand, said: “The boys have made us proud and most importantly, let us be part of the winning moment. They have hung around, signed all our bats and taken pictures with all the fans. It shows how humble the boys are. They deserve all the success and accolades.”

Fans support India during the U-19 World Cup final in Townsville yesterday. Pic/Getty Images

A couple, Poonam and Hajinder Bassi, who has been really close to the team, was also ecstatic after the win. Both of them have been taking the team home for dinner every night and made the boys really feel at home. “They have done us proud, I love them all. Over the last two weeks, we really got attached to them and this trophy means everything to me and my husband. I will really miss all of them,” Poonam said.

Dharmesh, who has been a resident of Townsville for four years, said the World Cup win was the best gift to all Indians in Townsville. “We are a small Indian community here and we have plenty of events, but this was the biggest event for us.
Now with India winning, we are absolutely thrilled. I can walk around Townsville wearing my India shirt for a year with great pride,” he said.

The Indian crowd also showed their respect to Australians chanting “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi”. 

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