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Mar 01, 2013, 01:14 IST | Ruchika Kher

Berlin-based musician and DJ Robin Sukroso doesn't spin records. Instead, he churns out music with an acpad guitar, a self-invented instrument. This Saturday, he hopes to enthrall Mumbaiites in his first performance in the Mumbai

He doesn’t use a turntable, yet he’s a DJ. Robin Sukroso, who is often referred to as the “Live DJ”, prefers to create pulsating music with his self-creation, which is known as the acpad guitar.

Robin Sukroso with his acpad guitar

The unique instrument enables him to lead smoothly from one song to another like a DJ and technically, helps him close the gap between Acoustic and Electronic music. The musician-cum-DJ is now geared up to take music buffs in the city by storm in what promises to be a high-adrenaline performance at the music event, Live From The Console.

EDM on a guitar
“This is my first time in the country. I wanted to come to India since I was 16, and had even created songs inspired by the sound of eastern scales. Finally I’m here,” says Sukroso. Telling us about his forthcoming performance, the DJ shares that the audience will be able to experience a visualised form of Electronic Dance Music in his act, as it will be performed with his self-built guitar invention.

Getting us cued into his invention, Sukroso reveals, “It was a process that took a couple of years and resulted from travelling alone combined with my percussive play on a normal acoustic guitar. While travelling, I tried to replace my band members by playing separate bass notes, percussion, melodies and harmonies on the guitar. I found it exciting to get an electronic amplified sound of everything in a separated way and on top of it looping techniques and the opportunity to put effects on all different virtual instruments. It allows me to spontaneously change many instruments at once.”

Challenges on the road
However, Sukroso’s journey hasn’t been a cakewalk. Last year, all his equipment and guitar invention were stolen after a gig in Berlin, and the musician had to rebuild the instrument from scratch, all over again. “It was one of the most exciting and exhausting time in my life. I had been only performing for a couple of months but had international gigs lined up and was really excited.

But when my equipment was stolen, I thought I would have to cancel every gig. I wanted to create more music and new stuff but I had to spend money, time and spare things for the guitar, which then had to be rebuilt. However, it also showed me the love of my friends because they stood by me and helped as much as they could,” informs the DJ. Initially, Sukroso had taken three years to build the acpad guitar, but the second time around, because of the help he received, it took him just two months.

The musician is also working with a team of eight from IIT Bombay on a new version of his guitar. The team hope to improve the device with better wireless system and a focus on the dynamics of the drum sounds (velocity sensibility). After the performance, Sukroso plans to tour India for a few months. “Simultaneously, this year, I intend to work on my side projects. The first is my acoustic set, which I’ve been working on for years. My second side project is with a great drummer and tech nerd from Berlin, Sebastian Arnold — we will finish recording in March 2013. And, the biggest project will be my debut album, which should be completed this year,” reveals the musician, who is also looking forward to collaborate with traditional Indian musicians on this trip.

On March 2, 8. 30 pm
At Mehboob Studio, Bandra (W).
Ticket Rs 250
Call 2642162

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