No takers for Pakistani 'Devdas'

Jun 03, 2013, 08:48 IST | Asira Tarannum

Karachi-based filmmaker Nadeem Shah says Pakistani distributors won't touch his film for allegedly being against their culture

It’s been two years since Pakistani producer and actor Nadeem Shah made his version of Devdas, starring Meera. However, the film is still lying in the cans after the Censor Board in Pakistan raised objections to certain scenes in the film and distributors refused to touch it thereafter.

According to the Karachi-based Shah, the board asked him to axe some drinking scenes and other elements in the film that are against religious sentiments in Pakistan. Shah alleges that since he refused to carry out the changes, his film failed to get a release there.

Says Shah, “I didn’t make my film to promote or disgrace any culture. But if I remove those scenes, my film will be incomplete. It will damage my project. Distributors told me since the film is based on the Hindu culture they were not interested. Unfortunately, certain sections of the society in Pakistan have not evolved to become the right audience.”

The producer feels that a lack of enough screens in his country has also contributed to his film not finding distributors. Shah explains, “The audience loves watching Bollywood films and distributors are on the lookout for films that have a big star cast after paying comparatively smaller prices.”

Currently, Shah is in India to explore options to release his film here.  

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