Nokia Lumia 920: Bold and beautiful, but not invincible

Jan 20, 2013, 10:42 IST | Sagar V Joshi

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a worthy alternative to Android and iOS. What brings it down are basic technical glitches and a rather heavy price tag

It appears that the Finns are back in the smartphone business and are doing what they do best — connecting people. Apart from being the best Windows 8 smartphone so far, Nokia Lumia 920 seems to be the most complete package the Microsoft platform has offered.

The good
The Lumia 920 endorses a pristine build quality, design and a vibrant screen. The WP8 OS adds freshness to the entire package. One of the features that Nokia has been going gaga over is the Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS), claiming that it has made Lumia 920 the best in its class, which is true. With an F/2 aperture, the phone shoots exceedingly well in low light and this ability remains unchallenged for now. Then there are useful features such as voice-guided navigation with offline maps, Nokia Music Service, some exclusive camera apps and the Kid’s Corner, which put the handset in a good stead.

Another department where Nokia has scored is the super sensitive 4.5-inch touch screen (768x1280 pixels) which can be operated using fingernails or gloves on. You touch it and the screen responds almost instantly. The vibrant screen offers good viewing in sunlight and an excellent experience while watching videos and playing games. Nokia scores one more brownie point by adding Dolby enhancement, which makes listening music through earphones a pleasurable experience.

The bad
Of course, the handset has it flaws. While cellphone producers are working hard to make their gadgets leaner, Lumia 920 feels like a brick. At 185 gm, the phone is heavier than the 5.5 inch Samsung Galaxy Note II (183 gm). Another department where Nokia seems to have stepped off the gas is battery life. With regular use (calls, chats, surfing, clicking pictures and listening music) the battery lasted less than 12 hours on a single charge. But the problem that got us really worried was the over-heating. Just 15 minutes into a chatting session and the phone was super hot. The excess heat sucks the juice out of the battery and reduces its life.

The indirect accesses to music equaliser and data connection annoyed us. Every time we wanted to change music settings or switch off the connection, we had to access them through ‘settings’, as pin to start option wasn’t available. Unlike Android, the WP OS offers a limited scope for customisation. We were also surprised to find that the phone has no FM. Also, the hefty price tag of Rs 38, 199 (on Nokia website) could make buyers think twice.

Bottom line
Lumia 920 is proof that Nokia is serious about smartphones and innovations, and is clawing its way back into the cellphone market, where it once reigned supreme. The partnership with Microsoft leaves little doubt over its intent. This is a bold phone with beautiful exterior and interiors, but what pulls its down are some basic glitches and the price tag. Yet it is certainly a worthy alternative to Andriod and iOS.  

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