Nokia Lumia 820: Simple, fluent and rock solid

Feb 10, 2013, 11:52 IST | Nimish Dubey

Though eclipsed by its big brother Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 is certainly a sturdy phone and a device capable of performing. We reviewed the phone for a week and this is what we discovered

Sitting perfectly at the crossroad of branded flagship and budget phones is the Nokia Lumia 820. Though it lacks the envious specs — processor, camera or larger screen — of its big brother Lumia 920, the handset does boast of microSD storage, removable covers, user replaceable battery and a price tag that is way cheaper than Lumia 920.

Working on Windows Phone (WP) 8 operating system, the handset is capable of delivering simple, yet fluid user experience. Just like the 920, this phone is right on the money when it comes to listening music, reading documents or clicking pictures, things that you do most while on the move. The handset is almost flawless in these departments.

The major glitch with WP 8 devices is the limited number of apps - in comparison to Android platform - which limits the phone’s ability to garner fan following. But if you are someone who is less into apps and more about performance, then Lumia 820 will not disappoint you.

The good
What adds to the appeal of Lumia 820 are its weight and dimensions. Though the phones feels heavy (146 gm) in the hand, it is absolutely capable of taking a blow or two. And light enough to be carried around in your pocket.  Camera (8MP) has been the USP of the recently launched Lumia series and 820 doesn’t disappoint. While you may not have too many built-in options, the addition of Lenses is fascinating and will achieve versatility as and when Nokia releases different Lenses. 

Though some of you may think 4.3-inch AMOLED screen (480x800 pixels) is smaller for today’s time, wait until you watch videos. It is bloody good. The crispness and clarity makes viewing fun and dismisses thoughts of wanting a bigger screen. Also, it helps cut down on bulk. While the built-in 8 GB memory is decent for your day-to-day use, another value addition is the memory expansion up to 64 GB.

The bad
One of the most annoying aspects we found on the phone was the pains one has to take to remove the swappable cover to insert the SIM (nano) and the SD card. It can leave you with a chipped nail.  Nokia’s battery life is something that we have all sworn by at least once in our lifetime, but Lumia 820 has just about an average battery life. Another 100 mAH to the existing Li-ion 1800 mAH would have been ideal. 

Niggles like no direct accesses to equaliser while playing music and data connection (faced on Lumia 920) have been passed on to 820 too. Also, absence of notification light means that you have to manually keep a tab on messages, pings  and mail. Last and the most important drawback is the price tag. Available at Rs 27,599 (on Nokia website), we feel the phone is overpriced. 

The bottom line
It breaks our heart to see the disservice (sic) Nokia did to Lumia 820 by launching it alongside Lumia 920 and the buzz it has created around the launch of Lumia 620. This took away the spotlight from 820. The Finns are working hard to produce highly competent Windows-based handsets, which can stand alongside Android and iOS. And Lumia 820 is another solid brick to strengthen the wall.  Well-constructed using some excellent technological features, Lumia 820 is a solid phone. What Nokia had to do was hit the nail on the head by offering a highly competitive price and reap dividends.  

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