Non-functional CVMs and ATVMs annoy Kharghar commuters

Jun 13, 2013, 00:24 IST | Maithili Vaze

Even though the station has 3 CVMs and 4 ATVMs, only one of each is operational, resulting in long queues

With many residents making a beeline at Kharghar railway station in recent past, the population in the node has risen drastically. This is clearly visible from the numerous high rises that have come up. However, issues pertaining to Kharghar railway station still continue to bother.

Never-ending: Many commuters have to stand in line for a ticket despite having coupons and smartcards

The station has three Coupon Validating Machines (CVMs) and four Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs). However, only one of each machine is functional, much to the annoyance and discomfort of commuters.

“The non-functioning of these machines creates many problems. We have to spend our energy and time standing in long queues. If the machines were functioning, the ticket collectors wouldn’t be overworked, and our time would be saved,” said Rajani Bhatnagar, a commuter.

“Also, people try to punch a coupon in one non-functional CVM, then they try the same in another machine that isn’t working. No signs have been put up to warn us.

We waste our time wandering around from one machine to the other and end up standing in the long queue,” another commuter Vithal Mhatre said, adding, “Problems with CVMs exist everywhere.

If the railways could get a simple stamping device with the date and the station, they would only have to change the date. There would be no maintenance hassle as with the machines. The inkpads could be placed within the device. If there are several devices like these, validating coupons would be easier.”

The other side
A K Singh, PRO, Central Railway, said, “We have a team of engineers who do all the repairs,” he said. “If we have received a complaint today, we take action on it the next day.

By the time we send an engineer to repair one machine, the other machine creates a problem. But we will see to it that the issue will be sorted out as soon as possible,” he said.  

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