North Korean leader killed 'scum' uncle by feeding him to 120 dogs

Jan 04, 2014, 09:40 IST | Agencies

Kim Jong-Un watched as the dogs were unleashed on Jang Song-Thaek and five aides who were stripped naked and thrown in a cage

Kim Jong-Un’s uncle was stripped naked and fed to 120 starving dogs as the tyrant watched on, a shocking report has claimed. The ruthless North Korean leader ordered the execution of Jang Song-Thaek his mentor and the country’s second in command last month. At the time, it was believed he had been executed by firing squad with machine guns after being sentenced to death by a military tribunal.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un sentenced his uncle and mentor Jang Song-Thaek (below) to death on December 12. At first, it was thought that Thaek faced a firing squad but he was mauled to death. Pics/AFP

But now an official report in China says Jang was stripped naked and thrown into a cage, along with his five closest aides. Then 120 dogs, who had been deprived of food for three days, were allowed to eat them in a process called ‘quan jue’, or execution by dogs. The report added the entire process lasted for an hour, with Kim, 30, supervising it along with 300 senior North Korea officials.


During his New Year’s statement, Kim Jong-Un spoke of the execution of his 67-year-old uncle telling the country ‘our party took resolute action to remove...scum elements within the party last year’. The 30-year-old leader appeared on state television for the speech and analysts say the words reflect his feelings towards aides of his uncle, Jang Song-Thaek, and other family members who are believed to have been sent to labour camps.

“Our party’s timely, accurate decision to purge the anti-party, anti-revolutionary elements helped greatly cement solidarity within our party,” said Kim, adding that “factionalist filth” had been “eliminated”. His statement on state TV was the first time he had publicly criticised his uncle, who was executed on December 12 after he was accused of treason, corruption, following the ways of the hated West, and being a womaniser. In its announcement of the sentence, the North Korean regime described Jang as ‘despicable human scum’, who was ‘worse than a dog’.

Aidan Foster-Carter, a senior research fellow in Sociology and Modern Korea at Leeds University, said, “I put no cruelty past the North Korean regime, but it does sound extreme even for them. In the recent past, they did have an effigy of the South Korean president mauled by dogs. However, the killing of Song-Thaek has been an episode of state terrorism and the fact they did purge him and it was done so publicly shows that the military and Jong-Un is trying to warn people not to revolt and how savage punishments can been.”

In the past
North Korea released photos of attack dogs ripping apart an effigy of South Korean Defence Minister Kim Kwan-jinr.

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