Norway killer's plan to murder Obama

Apr 03, 2012, 07:18 IST | Agencies

Ander Behring Breivik plotted to use a car bomb on US President Barack Obama as he came to collect his Nobel Peace Price in 2009

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik planned to bomb US President Obama when he went to collect his Nobel Prize in 2009.

The right-wing terrorist who went on to kill 77 people in July last year had plotted to attack the Nobel award ceremony with a car bomb. Breivik (33) used a similar plan, when he attacked the centre of Oslo in July last year, exploding a car bomb near government buildings, before going on a shooting rampage at a youth camp on nearby Utoeya Island.

‘Symbolic target’
He told police that he had earlier planned to bomb the Nobel ceremony as a symbolic target with millions watching across the world. But he scrapped the plan, reasoning security would be too tight to get the bomb close enough to Oslo City Hall where the award is presented.

Hot target: Anders Behring Breivik initially thought of assassinating US President Barack Obama as the entire episode would be  watched by millions. File pics

Breivik told police that an attack on the Nobel ceremony would also kill too few ‘traitors’.

Breivik, who claims to be a member of an international anti-Islamic organisation called the Knights Templar, told police that while Obama was a high profile US target, it would serve his nationalist goals better to target his attacks closer to home.

He has admitted killing 77 but said it was necessary to alert his countrymen to a coming war between Islam and the West. In earlier appearances, Breivik said that the attack was a strike against ‘traitors’ he said who were embracing immigration to promote ‘an Islamic colonisation of Norway’.

Breivik’s mother laundered money
Mother of Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik has confessed to having helped her son “launder” some 400,000 Norwegian kroner, earned by selling fake university diplomas over the Internet.

The customers sent him money via PayPal, E-Gold or transferred it to his Latvian bank account. Breivik retrieved small amounts of cash at ATMs in Oslo, using foreign credit cards.

 According to the police, Breivik’s mother deposited this money in her three bank accounts to then return it to her son. 14 bank accounts, allegedly belonging to Breivik, have been discovered in Latvia, Estonia, the US, the Dominican Republic and Antigua. 

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