Not my cuppa

Dec 07, 2012, 09:27 IST | Special Features

It seems like Karan Johar is keen on producing films more than donning the director's hat. He's currently co-producing an upcoming thriller with Vishal Bharadwaj.

On being asked why he doesn't try dark cinema like some other filmmakers, he has a ready answer. “I enjoy watching dark cinema but I don’t have the capability to create a film in that genre.

But having said that, I love the kind of work other directors are doing and I totally appreciate them. I watched the small-budget film Udaan. It’s one of my top-10 films. I can’t make films like Taare Zameen Par or Chak De. They are brilliant films and as an audience, I relish it,” KJo told CS.

Karan Johar

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