Not 'Supreme Leader', Trump to call Iran's Ayatollah 'Baby'

Oct 28, 2015, 01:01 IST | Agencies

The Republican presidential candidate front-runner passed sneering remarks about Iran’s Supreme Leader; also said that he would put a stop to US meddling in Middle Eastern affairs

Washington: US Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump would not call Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei the “Supreme Leader.”

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Pic/AFP

He would also put a stop to US meddling in Middle Eastern affairs because women there “don't want freedom as evidenced by their desire to wear burkas or niqabs, which cover their faces.”

The real estate mogul and reality TV celebrity held forth on his approach to foreign policy on Monday in Atkinson, New Hampshire, which holds the first primary to kick off the presidential contest.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump. Pic/PTI

“I’ll say, ‘Hey baby, how ya doing?’ I will never call him the Supreme Leader,” Trump told a boisterous audience of about 1,200.

“And I’ll get along with him probably and maybe not. And, if he doesn’t get along with me, they got problems. We don’t,” he added.

No interference
Turning to the Middle East, Trump said, “With the women over there, they don’t have to wear the you-know-what. And then I said, ‘Oh well that makes sense. That’s nice.’ Then, I saw women interviewed. They said, ‘We want to wear them. We’ve worn them for a thousand years. Why would anyone tell us?' They want to. What the hell are we getting involved for?” Trump said.

Trump also criticised his Republican rival Ben Carson, a noted neurosurgeon who is polling higher than him in Iowa.
“I don't believe those polls actually, because I see the people in Iowa — and I’m going to be there in two days. But we're doing really well it’s been great. He's a nice guy but he's never going to be able to make deals with China,” Trump said.
“By the way, Carson is lower energy than (Jeb) Bush. I don’t get it. I saw him being interviewed. He’s a nice guy. You know, these Chinese negotiators, they come in fierce, fierce. Remember I said, ‘Blood coming out of somebody’s eyes?’ These people really have blood,” he added.

Million-dollar baby
Later at a town hall, Trump argued that he has encountered adversity throughout his life, relating a story about his father giving him a “small loan of $1 million.” When pointed out that a loan of that magnitude didn’t exactly suggest adversity to a lot of people. Trump responded, “You’re right, but a million dollars isn’t very much compared to what I built.”

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