Notorious chain snatcher in cops' net again

Apr 29, 2013, 01:20 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

The Deccan Gymkhana police arrested a chain snatcher, 32-year-old Karan Kohli, from Deep Bungalow Chowk in Model Colony, after being spotted with a stolen bike on Saturday. His accomplice, Anupam Bangari was also arrested from the same area.

Released from prison last month, Kohli started his deeds again and carried out one chain snatching incident and a vehicle theft in the area. He was arrested after detection branch sleuths spotted him with a stolen bike. 

Karan Kohli

Kohli also used to consume ganja and encouraged other youngsters to follow suit.  According to Police Constable Vivek Jadhav, a team led by PSI Bhushan Dayama received a tip off that he will be coming to the Chowk with a stolen bike.

He had earlier used the same bike to carry out a chain-snatching incident in the vicinity. Dayama said that Kohli, who was released on bail last month, went back to his old ways immediately after stepping out of the jail.

“He [Kohli] has confessed that after his release he executed one chain snatching and one vehicle theft case in the Deccan Gymkhan area along with his accomplice Bangari,” said Dayama. Jadhav said that Kohli was arrested earlier as he was found guilty in more than 10 chains snatching incidents in different parts of the city.

“Kohli used to consume ganja and would encourage other youngsters who’d get in touch with him to do the same so that they could then accompany him in the act under the effects of the contraband,”  said Jadhav.

The other team members who were a part of the team that nabbed Kohli and Bangari were police personnel Sudesh Sapkal, Atul Malusare, Tushar Salunke and Sudam Jagtap.  

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