Now, '22-carat gold tea' to kick start your mornings in Dubai

Sep 20, 2013, 03:25 IST | ANI

A cafe based in Dubai is offering `22-carat gold` tea, at a price of just Dh55 a cup, claiming that it is beneficial to health

The gold tea, which was introduced around two weeks ago, is available at a promotional price at Mocca Art Cafe, Downtown Dubai, the Gulf News reported.

Cafe founder and partner Ashraf Mahran told XPRESS that he was inspired to bring the concept in the country after tasting it in a UK hotel.

The 32-year-old Egyptian said that they basically use gold-plated tea leaves that are edible and are approved by the authorities.

He said that they source the tea from Ceylon, send it to Germany to get it plated, then to Morocco for flavouring and the end product is unique.

Mahran said the tea is common in places like China, India and the West, but his coffee shop is the first to serve it there.

He further added that the flavour is very distinct and the tea is beneficial to health as it is very relaxing.

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