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Jun 03, 2014, 08:11 IST | Soma Das

If you are a shoe addict who loves variety, check out Solester’s multi-functional footwear where one pair of soles can fit multiple uppers, making it perfect for travelling, an economical proposition and a perfect option for every attire

If your luggage is always choc-a-bloc with shoes, or you love to mix and match your shoes with your attire, you might want to opt for Solester.

Shoes with a single sole and many uppers by Solester
Shoes with a single sole and many uppers by Solester

The footwear brand that launched in May this year produces transformable shoes which allow you to change multiple uppers on a single sole. At the moment, the technology is pending a patent. The uppers are made from quality leather and are attached to the sole.

Once you invest in a pair, you can keep buying only the uppers. It offers women more options to wear in terms of footwear without spending much and also saves on storage space. It is the brainchild of Vivek Sethi and Nitin Setia.

While Sethi has worked in the IT industry for a decade and co-founded two other start-ups, Setia boasts of an MBA from Leeds Business School, UK, and has run and managed start-ups.

Speaking about the venture, Sethi says, “Solester was founded after a casual discussion between us on our wives’ love for shoes and their intent to buy every pair on display to match their dresses. We realised that a majority of footwear had similar soles of one type but varying uppers. That was our Eureka moment.”

The duo then discussed the idea with an overseas friend involved in footwear manufacturing and he agreed to help them. What followed was trial and error by a team of footwear designers and engineers over a period of two years before they came up with the final design. “We use the same material as used in regular footwear. We ship accessories from overseas and assemble in India,” explains Sethi.

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Ccost:  Rs 1,999 to Rs 3,199 for a pair of shoes; Rs 899 to Rs 1,299 for uppers

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