Now, a defaulter list for teachers as well

Oct 07, 2011, 07:44 IST | Adnan Attarwala

University of Pune to take action against teachers who remain absent during paper assessment

University of Pune to take action against teachers who remain absent during paper assessment

"Though we manage the examinations, we still have to decide how to carry it forward," said Dr SM Ahire, Controller of Examination. "The Lapse Committee takes action against errant teachers who don't take the assessment work seriously."

Senior officials in the UoP said the defaulters list prepared by the department would bring about desirable changes, as the teachers remaining absent for assessment would be marked absent. "I haven't received the proposal yet, as I have joined recently. The academic performance of the teachers is verified by the higher education department in Mantralaya (Mumbai). It's too early for me to comment on it," said P R Gaikwad, director of higher education. 

Sources say the university, starting from the next term, will also speed up the revaluation procedure and is in a process to implement the Central Assessment System in which the answer sheets from one college would be handed over to another for evaluation.

About more than 30,000 applications are received by the university asking for photocopies of answer sheets. Of these applicants, most of them apply for revaluation and out of that over 1,000 students have to wait for more than three months to get their results after revaluation.

In order to fast track the process, starting from this month, the university will ask about 15 to 20 senior professors to recheck the papers of applicants from other colleges. "Re-evaluation has never really been a problem. But we will hand over the answer sheets immediately after exams to senior, experienced teachers from different colleges, who will have to gather at the central office for assessment just to streamline the process," said Dr Ahire.

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