Now make fancy cocktails at the your home with this cool 'premium box'

May 15, 2016, 08:35 IST | Anju Maskeri

Lighthouse Cafe lets you get tipsy in style, in the comfort of your own home

As we dig into our pretty bento boxes, that continue to be one of the most chic edible artworks to show off, there’s a new addition to the trend — cocktail premix boxes called LHC Mix launched by Light House Cafe, Worli.

For the uninitiated, this is a box where you will get all the ingredients of a cocktail, in the right quantities, delivered to your home. All you to have to do is mix the contents of the packets and add the alcohol needed (not included in the box). And voila, there’s your fancy cocktail. The drink, says head bartender Bhagirath Saw, is tailored for house parties and those who want to enjoy a cocktail in the cosy comfort of their homes. Curious to know what these cocktails tasted like, we decide to call for some. Each cocktail serves one, and delivery is free.

Base: Whiskey
Price: Rs 70
The cocktail arrives in a metallic gold watertight packet with the name of the drink and its alcohol base printed on it. We tear open the pack to find one pouch of LHC Exactly mix along with a zip lock bag containing basil leaves and an instruction manual. The cocktail mix is neatly packed with no a sign of spillage. We add the mix along with 60 ml of bourbon whiskey to a glass. After shaking the drink, we garnish it with the basil leaves provided, and take our first sip. The drink packs a punch with its strong basil and lime flavour. We hold it in the mouth for a couple of seconds, soaking in the whiskiness. With every sip, the drink gets better.

TY Elderflower
Base: White Rum

Price: Rs 70
While the packet says to use rum as its base, the instruction card within says white rum, leaving us confused. We go with white rum considering the menu card seconds it. This drink comprising green tea, elderflower and ginger, resembles iced tea in appearance. When it comes to taste, this one takes the cake. The mild, floral essence of elderflower petals coupled with the flavour of white rum makes it an ideal drink for a candlelit table. While we aren’t the greatest fans of rum, this drink made us a convert. Remember, if you keep the LHC Mix at room temperature, it needs to be consumed within three hours of delivery. If refrigerated, it will stay for 3 days.

Base: White Rum
Price: Rs 80
With a dash of rum and a zing of lime, the classic mojito feels refreshing. But with a couple of more sips, we realise that it’s slightly sweeter than your average mojito. For those who don’t mind the additional sweetness, this could well be your poison. The quantity of mint leaves and lime provided in zip lock bags is more than sufficient. However, when compared to the Exactly Mix and Ty Elderflower, this comes in third.

Sangria (Wine base)
Base: Red, White or Rose Wine
Price: Rs 99
While the rest of the cocktails required 60 ml alcohol, for the sangria you need 120 ml of white/rose/red wine. We opt for red wine, and the pack comes with the slices of apples, lemons and peaches. All you need to do is add the wine. We deliberately leave this for last as it’s the drink that needs to be consumed slowly. The languid, ruby-red sangria is nothing less than sublime and the quantity is just right for one person. It’s the sort of drink you can have even during the day, without risking a groggy head.

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