Now Mumbai can get naughty with sex toys

Dec 23, 2014, 07:01 IST | Krutika Behrawala

From spanking rulers to tease feather ticklers, Mumbai can get naughty (and how!), courtesy, Fifty Shades of Grey’s Pleasure Collection

Those who’ve read EL James’ erotica Fifty Shades Of Grey would be well aware of what Christian Grey’s Red Room of Pain holds. For the uninitiated, it’s a racy, pain-and-pleasure bedroom comprising adventurous passion products including handcuffs and bondages that Grey and his love, Anastasia Steele indulge in during their time there. If you’re someone who wants to add fun to your sexcapades, you can now own these products too.

Handcuffs, Soft handcuffs, Nipple rings

Digital E-Life (India) has tied up with UK’s Lovehoney, an online retailer of sex toys for the exclusive distribution of a variety of erotic products from James’ book series that has been adapted into a film, slated for Valentine’s Day release. Samir Saraiya, CEO of Digital E-Life, says, “The book changed the perception of adult goods industry in 2011-12. Then, we didn’t have such products here. Many Indians are awaiting the movie’s release, and we want to provide this audience with world-class products that will support their passion for the story.”

Bondage kit
Bondage kit

Titled the Pleasure Collection, it’s available on, which is the company’s e-commerce portal selling adult products. The range includes over 40 products comprising handcuffs, bondage tapes, bed restrain kits, wrist ties, anal beads, blindfolds, a tease feather tickler, spankers, whips and ankle cuffs among others.

Wrist ties from the collection
Wrist ties from the collection

Most products are priced between Rs 1,500 and Rs 3,000 and have safety manuals. The portal has a policy to sell them only to patrons who are 18 years and above. “We’ve not altered these products as they are designed by the UK brand, with approval by EL James. We’ve refrained from importing certain products like vibrators as Indian laws don’t consider them legal,” he adds.

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