Now, Mumbai cops vs Delhi cops over Chhota Rajan

Nov 04, 2015, 06:39 IST | Vinay Dalvi

The rivalry between Mumbai Police and Delhi Special Cell is likely to be seen again, with the Mumbai Police, who have around 75 cases against Chhota Rajan, probably not getting his custody first

The rivalry between two agencies, the Mumbai Police and the Delhi Special Cell, is likely to be seen once again, with the Mumbai Police, who have around 75 cases against Chhota Rajan, probably not getting his custody first.

The Delhi Special Cell, which is considered very close to the Central Government, will probably get it. There are reports that they are likely to get custody of Rajan first, though there are only six cases registered against him in Delhi.

Chhota Rajan is expected to reach India on Wednesday night from Bali, as all flights from the island city were cancelled on Tuesday night, due to volcanic ash concerns.

Sources also told mid-day that National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, was allegedly with Vicky Malhotra: a Rajan aide earlier, when he was arrested by Mumbai police officer Aslam Momin in 2005. Doval was then IB chief and was executing a plan to kill Dawood Ibrahim the country’s number one enemy.

Chhota Rajan. Pic/AFP

Momin was later dismissed, as conversations of him with Dawood’s brother Iqbal were found. Doval will never have confidence in Mumbai Police as they foiled his plan to eliminate Dawood when they arrested Malhotra.

Central agencies like Intelligence Bureau (IB) for whom Rajan was working, will safeguard him in the country, but Chhota Shakeel, Dawood’s right hand man, wants to eliminate Rajan at any cost. The central agencies also don’t have confidence in the city police, as there have been several incidences when IB and they have clashed. The agencies believe that some corrupt police officers in Mumbai might help Shakeel eliminate him in the city.

“At this moment, we don’t have any information on when Rajan will be brought to the city,” said Ahmad Javed, commissioner of Mumbai Police. A team of Mumbai police, CBI, and Delhi’s elite Special Cell have gone to Bali to pick up Rajan. But the call, as to who will be given custody of Rajan, will be taken by CBI and the Central Government.

But sources believe that Rajan will be handed to Delhi’s special cell by the CBI, and after a fortnight he will be handed to Mumbai Police. “When Rajan will be handed to Mumbai police, they, along with central forces will guard him in the city and only the investigating officer and senior officers will have access to his cell, as the central agencies don’t have confidence in city police,” said a source from Mumbai Police.

Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime), Atul Chandra Kulkarni, who has worked with the IB earlier, is trying to bring Rajan first to the city, as there are several high profile cases against him here rather than in Delhi. The Delhi police will be registering a case against him of having a fake passport, which was in the name of Mohan Kumar.

Major clashes in the past
2013 IPL spot fixing scandal: Delhi police were gathering evidence against cricketers and other big players allegedly involved, but their investigation was seriously hampered when Mumbai Police arrested a few bookies in the same case. This served as an alarm to the bigger fish who escaped the Delhi Police’s net.

Abu Jundal arrest: Jundal, an accused in the 26/11 terror attack, was arrested in 2012. But his custody was first given to Delhi police.

Yasin Bhatkal escape: Bhatkal, mastermind of Indian Mujahideen, was said to be staying in Habib building at Byculla in 2012, as told to Delhi police by an arrested accused, Naqui Ahmed. The Mumbai police kept watch in the area, which Bhatkal got whiff of, and escaped.

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